About RSJ Financial Planning*

RSJ Financial Planning is an Independent Financial Adviser Practice specialising in Investment Advice.

What you can expect from us

For new clients we offer a free consultation - if you'd like to see if we're good fit for you. We'll meet for about 30 minutes so you can tell us what you need and we'll explore how we can help.There's absolutely no obligation to use our service. We will discuss how we would charge you for our work at this meeting.

The first in-depth meeting is what we call our 'Fact Find' meeting. This is where we get to know you and to understand your financial objectives, both short and long term. We use this information to help us find the best financial solutions for you.

At the second meeting we will normally present our recommendations and if you're happy with the solution presented we will then take care of any application process.

Once you're a client of RSJ Financial Planning, we will continue to look after you. Depending of the level of service you choose, we will invite you in periodically for a financial review meeting. This allows us to check the solutions are still working for you and also to see how your financial objective have changed. The review meeting is also crucial in discussing all relevant legislation changes since we last saw you. Such changes can often cause us to adjust our strategy to keep things on track.

Services and advice offered 'For You' include:

  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • Income Protection
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
  • Investments
  • Life & Health Insurance
  • Pensions & Retirement Planning
  • Personal Family Protection

Services and advice offered 'For Business' include:

  • Business Protection
  • Employer Pension Scheme
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • Income Protection
  • Life & Health Insurance
  • Pensions & Retirement Planning

For more information about what we can actually achieve, call us on 0151 703 1088 or email us enquiries@rsjfinancialplanning.co.uk

*RSJ Financial Planning is a trading name of Campbell Insurance Services Ltd


Contact us either by phone or email:

0151 703 1088 enquiries@rsjfinancialplanning.co.uk


Would I benefit from a financial review?

It depends on your circumstances, but if you have not had a review of your finances for a number of years – or, indeed, have never had a financial review – it might be time to find out if your current arrangements are suitable for your needs. 

The world has changed considerably over recent years. The credit crisis caused economic and market difficulties around the globe – and the measures taken by policymakers to reverse the downturn have created a different personal finances landscape. 

Your savings and investments need to offer you the best chance of fulfilling your objectives,

Why have a financial review?

A financial review is the perfect opportunity to take stock of where you are financially, and to ensure you have suitable plans in place towards achieving your objectives. 

Are there risks involved with investing money?

Investing your money will typically involve taking an element of risk with your capital; the level of which should depend on your unique circumstances and feelings towards risk and reward. You should never invest into a product without knowing the level of risk your money would be exposed to, or without understanding how the product works. 

At RSJ we can help you to determine your personal appetite for risk and reward, and then provide you with recommendations that suit your needs. 

How can I prepare financially for retirement?

When you come to retire, you are effectively swapping the security of a regular wage for a reliance on your personal finances: namely your pension provisions, savings and investments. All being well, you should have many years to enjoy your retirement – so it is vital that your finances are sufficient to support you in achieving your objectives. 

The longer you still have until you retire, the more you can do to build up your retirement provisions. Obtaining financial advice is recommended, as it enables you to sit down with an expert and map out your future.